Event Design

Digi Design Co provides professional design & drafting solutions along with 2D & 3D drawing/visualisation to the UK’s Event Industry. Our experience and expertise in Event Design has allowed us to meet the demands of some of the most ground breaking and innovative events within the industry to date.

Outsourcing your drawing work to us enables you to guard against unexpected drawing costs at the end of a project. We always work with our clients in the most transparent way possible to ensure all parties gain from using our services.

We have become an integral part of many companies’ successes over the years, delivering high drawing standards and time effective solutions for some of the biggest events in the country.

Our customers include:

  • Suppliers of Temporary Structures within the UK, Europe and USA
  • Air Con and Temperature Control Manufacturers
  • Suppliers of Temporary Accommodation for Music Festivals
  • National and International Airshows
  • Leading Music Festivals
  • Event Caterers
  • Event furniture solutions
  • Respected Event Organisers
  • Major Sporting Events
Event Design for Jaguar Cars

Working closely with some of these clients, we have developed not only AutoCAD models and drawings, but systems which have reduced the build cost, allowed projects to reduce labour costs as well as reducing potential mistakes and installation errors.

Digi Design Co has vast experience in every aspect of CAD operations, offering unparalleled standards of flexibility and service.

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