Single Storey Extension

Single Storey Extension

The client had purchased an older house which had segregated living areas and they were  looking to open up the space to suit modern living. Also, having children meant they wanted  an independent space that the children could use while still being close by. Upstairs the client wanted to add in an en suite if possible without compromising the  bedroom sizes too much. 
Finally, the entrance to the property was understated, impractical and situated in the wrong  position for the house – the front of the house was to look more modern and inviting. 

A rather enjoyable project for us to work on as we were given free rein on the design. We  knew what was required by the client in terms of space planning, but the look and feel of  the scheme was down to how we interpreted the client’s initial thoughts for certain  materials/finishes…and we hit the mark with the very first design, which meant a very  happy client from the start. We had employed the use of a very different material palette,  which might have been frowned upon by the Local Authority but our sympathetic design  and our tying in of this with the host dwelling meant everyone bought into the design. We  are particularly proud of the marrying of flat roof and pitched roof to the rear along with the  contemporary glazing feature which was immediately loved by the client. We also managed  to create a screening feature on the rear extension for added privacy. What has been  particularly good for us from a personal standpoint is that the space we’ve created has  ticked every box for this family home, which can now be enjoyed by the occupants and will  give the current house a new lease of life for many years to come. 

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