Defence Show

Defence Show

Provide remote and onsite CAD services for an International Defence Show.

This runs along side our experience with Airshow’s but adds in a whole other realm of  challenges, as we are also working with Military and Government factions, which means  much more legislation and guidelines to adhere to. Our experience with these shows sees us  running a number of CAD personnel in country, so our ability to manage these people  remotely can be quite a task, but fortunately, modern technology allows for the smooth running of meetings and contact with our team on the ground. We set up the CAD system in  such a way, that different elements of the project could be worked on simultaneously,  letting each CAD operator work on with their own layouts with this updating on the Master  Plan once amends have been made. We were responsible for many parts of the show, which  included the coordination of the erection of a brand new Exhibition Hall, Exhibition Stand  layouts, Exhibitor Suite layouts, Main Entrance facility, layouts for Military Assets &  Armoured Vehicles, Static Aircraft Display and layouts of Offices for the all the functions and  users of the show. There were many departments that we worked with and many meetings  to indicate their requirements, mainly from Operations, Sales, Customer Experience and  even down to preparing the site plan for use on the website and the Show’s App. There was  also the added factor of a brand new facility being built, and an ever changing layout which  in turn meant amendments to the exhibition layout on the fly even up to the very last  minute, but we greatly appreciate that the world of events is an ever changing world and  we were able to adapt to these easily.

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