Garage & Gym

Garage & Gym

Design for new garage along with gymnasium 
Large roller shutter door to front 
Ceiling high enough to allow the boot of the car to open 
Prepare a material and finishes specification to be agreed by the client but looking to go  with contemporary feel 
Glazing to side and rear 
Personnel door to side or rear 
Storeroom and work bench area to be accommodated within the rear

We were given free rein with this particular project as the client had already engaged with  another Architect but needed a fresh set of eyes to look at a redesign. The inspiration for  this project was drawn largely from the historic red brick of the host dwelling along with our  signature flat roof overhang. We love this particular style of roof, as it enables the use of  some spectacular flush mounted downlighters, which at night highlight the simple form of  the garage roof. We were also very lucky to be able to put our stamp on the fenestration  adjacent to the personnel door with the tapering glazed side screen, divided up with glazing  bars in a random pattern, with the finish of these to match the main garage and personnel  doors. The final design element worth mentioning, are the corner bifold doors which have  been designed to pull back in both directions to leave a supporting column and take full  advantage of the view to the rear of the dwelling – a challenging engineering feat, but made  all the easier by the relationship with our go to structural engineer.

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